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Subpoena Policy

NC Broadband a is a Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc brand will not release information about our customers, including their identity or contact information to third parties. NC Broadband will cooperate with law enforcement and government agency request for information through the submission of legal subpoenas.

To Our Customers:


NC Broadband is legally required to respond to subpoena request submitted to us by third parties. If a subpoena is received from law enforcement or government agencies we may not be authorized to disclose the existence of the subpoena to the customer. If we receive a civil subpoena (involving a civil case brought against the customer by a private party), NC Broadband will give the customer notice of the subpoena's existence to allow the customer the opportunity to quash the subpoena. NC Broadband must receive notice within the time frame of the request in order to respond in a timely manner. If no legal documents are received during the request period NC Broadband will answer the subpoena as requested.

Process for Submit of Subpoenas:

The subpoena must be submitted in writing (that is, hard-copy form). It must be from a recognized court or other agency permitted to issue subpoenas and comply with all appropriate process and procedures for the court of record. Send all request to the address below and allow adequate time for a response. Please include an email, fax and address for the response.

For criminal subpoenas please ensure confidentiality is recited if you do not want NC Broadband to notify the end user. The subpoena must include the exact time and dates of the issue to ensure that we can identify the end user. If we cannot identify the end user we will respond with a technical reason that we are unable to respond to the subpoena.

For Civil Subpoenas please include a check for $25.00 made out to Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc  to cover the cost of processing and handling in responding. If the subpoena requires us to produce extensive documentation or records, we reserve the right to require payment of an hourly rate of $75.00 for additional costs and time associated in complying, pursuant to applicable rules of civil procedure.

Please allow up to 30 days for a response although responses usually only take 3-5 days in most cases.

Jigsaw Security Enterprise

Legal Department

125 Eagleton Cir

Moyock, NC 27958


Phone: 800-447-2150 x6

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