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If we don't service your area read this post

One of the benefits to our service is that we can deploy to new areas quickly. If we currently don't service your area we have options and even a profit sharing arrangement whereas your homeowners association or neighborhood can earn money by signing up for service. If you can get 4 other subscribers in your neighborhood to commit to getting our service we will bring our broadband solution to you and put up access in your neighborhood.

We are focused on solutions for getting broadband where it is needed. We keep our cost low and provide reliable service to our subscribers by not oversubscribing our systems and ensuring quality connections to our network(s).

Just you and 4 other subscribers and we are there

If you are in a market that we do not serve and have 4 other subscribers in your neighborhood we will install a broadband hub in your network complete with access for the neighborhood. We can recover the cost of our deployment in only one year if we have 5 subscribers on the system so it makes good business sense for us to expand into your area.

How long does it take to get service in a new area?

That's a good question. Typically it takes between 30-45 days to get FCC approval for a new location and 15-20 days to get our network to a location in your neighborhood (or less depending on how close you are to our existing network). We have to rely on the phone company to run lines in some cases but not always. A good estimate is 90 days to roll out new service in a new area.

Call us and tell us what you want to do. Typically we can find a solution for your neighborhood that will provide broadband in areas that have little or no options. Remember our wireless goes 30 miles so even if you are farther than that we still have options. Some of our radio gear can get connections over 100 miles and can be quickly deployed to service new areas.

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