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Signup for Wireless Service or Cable

  • Fill out the form below that tells us that you are interested in our services - Ensure you put in your complete address as we need that information to make a determination if you are within our service areas

  • Once you have filled out the form a qualifying agent will call you and let you know what services are available and ask what services you are having installed and schedule a site survey of your location. During the site survey an engineer will arrive at your home or business and check the signal levels and verify that the service is stable and within our operating parameters. Your service will NOT be installed during this visit. Once the engineer makes a determination of service availability you will be provided with the service contract and an installation date (typically in 1-3 days) and charge any required deposits for equipment and installation.

  • At the time of your installation and installer will arrive and install all equipment and provide you with a wireless access point inside your home that includes 4 ethernet ports. You will be provided with all of the connection information at this time.

  • Your service will be activated at this time.

Ready to Sign Up? Fill Out the Form Below!

Thank you for signing up for NCBroadband Service. We will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your site survey! Have a great day!

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