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Moyock, NC

The Moyock NC site is now live. The site wireless footprint is active. Customers wishing to get service may be subject to a port charge and installation may be required. Currently covering Eagle Creek and some surrounding areas to include Maple Currituck and Shawboro. Expansion sites currently being studied.

Currituck Cell: This location is currently being operated as a private network. Customers wishing to receive Internet access at this location may incur an Internet port charge.

Bandwidth: 432MB/s with 50MB/s already allocated to existing customers.

Customers within 2 miles of the site may be able to receive a connection with our CPE kit ($125.00). Customers outside the 4 mile area will require a more directional CPE solution that may incur additional cost.

Service Available: Internet (requires port charge), OTA TV via IP (requires purchase of 2 or 4 tuner hardware, VOIP requires port charge and monthly access fee.

Note: Currently this location is only available for business and Government users as well as for emergencies. If you are a home user that would like Internet please contact us for availability.

This transmitter is located in Eagle Creek. In addition a public Wifi area is also being brought online but will require a daily pass or monthly pass for access. Daily access is $8.95 per day or $44.95 per month.

Current Capacity 144MB/s x 3 Transmitters located in Moyock, NC

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