What is a port charge?

In some locations NC Broadband does not provide Internet access. Our solution is designed as a last mile solution to provide Internet access in locations that have slow or limited connectivity options. Customers must purchase an Internet connection where bandwidth is available and NC Broadband will relay the connectivity to the service area. The cost of obtaining the Internet connection from the upstream provider is known as a port charge.


How is TV provided?

One of the uses of our networks are to stream television and Cable TV services. NC Broadband offers integration of TabloTV hardware onto our networks. Customers purchase a TabloTV box and we install it on the network cell requiring the service. Each customer purchases their own streaming device which can service up to 6 televisions (4 Live TV streams and 2 streaming recorded content). In addition NC Broadband also has agreements in place with cable TV providers to stream standard cable channels over our networks. In some cases you must make a one time purchase of a personal access device which is $400. Set top boxes are a one time charge of $125 and limited to 2 televisions per connection.


Can I try before I buy?

Sure you can. You must provide a security deposit of $150 for the equipment but we will let you try out a connection for 7 days to determine if it's suitable for your use.



NC Broadband Networks

Tel: 800-447-2150 x6


Mail: soc@jigsaw-security.com



NC Broadband operates licensed and unlicensed wireless networks in the central Carolina area. Our network features wireless speeds up to 1.5GBPS on our backhauls and 120MB/s at each tower site.

* One time setup fee of $150 may apply for initial installation or equipment deposit. Cable over IP services provided by licensing agreement. Certain levels of service only available in some areas. Speeds are based on availability of LOS to our tower sites. Not all channels available in all areas. Cable programming subject to change. Cable boxes can be purchased for $139 per box or can be rented for $9.00 per TV (limited to 2 per household). CPE equipment can be purchased for $150 or can be rented for $15.00 per month (includes 2 Ethernet ports).