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A primer on how to get broadband in your unconnected community.

What is Community Networking?

Community Networking is where a group or community becomes their own Internet Service Provider. There are strength in numbers. Major carriers are only worried about covering the majority of populated areas because network deployments are costly. However with WiMAX technology we can provide coverage to larger areas more cost effectively. It only takes a group of 5-10 residents that want broadband to justify the expense of deploying to a rural or unconnected location. In addition services such as Cable TV and VOIP can run on the same deployed network.

Profit Sharing

Community Networking allows the community to get Internet access very inexpensively because they share the cost of the connection to the neighborhood. In addition if we sell access that is serviced from your location the community get's a share of the profits or can apply the profit to reducing the community's overall charges for service. In this way the community network is a cost effective or profit sharing business model that allows us to service rural locations easily and in a cost effective manner.

Free Consultation

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